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Nuno Gonçalves is the mentor of this business project. Being the director of NG Investigations, Lda and formerly employed by WIS; his services are usually hired by international organizations and companies, receiving solicitations to act as a business representative (with the common EU citizen rights in this respect) his business project offers a vast sum of specialized services and knowledge in Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, Angola, Brazil and potentially in all Spanish-Portuguese speaking countries. The objective is to help Worldwide companies through our partnerships to protect investments in the business industry. We provide assessment to local databases and general knowledge with feet on the ground in almost all countries targeted above.
With a professional background of 8 years and working within the business industry among the most prestigious investigation leagues this business project secures a wide range of solutions to a vast of needs worldwide to many different clientele.
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Due Diligence (DD) is s form of investigation which represents several aspects prior to a business is closed. Investor may look at particular type of business which may seem a good business opportunity. Wiser investors know that in the business realm nothing is what it seems, and often individuals present valid credentials to convince investors to apply the funds in hopefully lucrative business deals. As mentioned above wiser investors use this tool (DD) to uncover the underworld and under the radar activities of a particular subject or companies and often both, with the end goal of protecting their investment.

In a fast growing economy, you do not wish to suffer setbacks and to dive in expensive measures to recover your assets from business predators and fraudsters, who are commonly in the knowledge of their Jurisdiction Laws and maybe other legal form of protectionism.

We are often able to detect important "Red Flags" such as governmental connections, bad reputation, association to organized crime, financial fraud, business clients and many other aspects that may lead you to think twice before closing business with such entities.

We operate in the whole wide world (with focus in EU and US countries) including all Portuguese speaking countries (Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique) as well as Spain (countrywide).

Knowing is the key towards a successful business achievement. Avoid setbacks and potential bankruptcy. Give us a phone call and let us know in what way we may help you protecting your investments.