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Know the facts before you meet the decision!




NGI acts as a Business Consultant and Private Investigator (Nuno Gonçalves) directly or indirectly. Being a member of WAD, ABI and WAPI with expertise within the Business Intelligence and Private Investigation sector we undertake all kinds of investigations and assessments as long as previously proven legitimate. We operate generally worldwide but with more focus within the PALOPS (Portuguese Speaking Countries), Spain and Gibraltar (due to its proximity).
Our business project started back in 2012 until and is ongoing until nowadays.



Meet the facts


Defending international organizations assets and fraud prevention is one of our goals. Insurance claims investigations represent a wide share of business in our company, to which we dedicate a fair amount of time as well. Losses maybe prevented by us by acessing local evidences such as police reports, witness statments, site visits amonst other activites thay may help us identifying the truth.

With out private investigations you will get a professional help and service.



The benefits


An evaluation of how effectively an organization is implementing security measures isessential to avoid losses, not only within the form of fines, but to avoid monetary losses ata higherscale level.
Theft, money laundering, intellectual property misuse, can result in losses that may led tocatastrophic situations, including the obligation of indemnifying someone who has acted unlawfully taking illicit advantage of a panoply of situations which may derive from a default of security measures.
Private investigations and Security Auditing may resolve and / or expose security systems fragilities.



Hiring may not be a difficult decision


Checking a candidate credentials may prevent you or your company from dishonesty and incompetence!
You do not want to hire someone who lies about his professional backckground, or maybe someone who has ties to fraudulent circles and activities.
Employment Screening and private investigations is a form of protecting your company as an asset, and this way helping it to evolve.
We can undertake background checks vising the candidate professional background, criminal registry , litigation checks and to confirm with sources his credentials.



Meet your clients and staff


NG provides a wide set of services including business intelligence, risk analysis, due-dilligence, fraud identification, theft investigation and private investigations.
We also provide evidence assessment at clients requests.
Some background companies may be very deceiving financially. You may want to have this information in your hands prior to anything.



Is anyone steeling your thoughts?


Counterfeit activity may be found worldwide and it may adopt many different from and circuits. Many millions in losses are identified per year due to counterfeit activity. Bigger companies may take years and decades investing in production, taking measures pointing towards high standard quality consumption goods, and counterfeiters know this.
Copies of a particular product reflect very negatively in a company potential. If you are a CEO you may want to invest in Brand Protection!

Contact us for private investigations to help your brand and business.



Seek advice through our Lawyers and advisors


NG provides Legal Advisory through the meaning of our Lawyers (business partners).
Either you are suing or being sued, but you need to think ahead in order to take advantage in relation to your opponent. We work with experts that may give you a proper insight prior or during a course of a civil action or litigation.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are not LAW PRACTITIONERS, only intermediaries. Legal advisory is given by our business partners (Lawyers).

We can also help throughout the private investigation. Contact us!